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Cyklos Materials, Inc. Announces New CEO and Co-Founder

June 6, 2023

OAKLAND, CA – Cyklos Materials, Inc., a pioneer in the circular economy of plastics, welcomes Anandkumar (Andy) R. Kannurpatti as its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Andy joins the company with an extraordinary background in the plastics industry, having recently served as the Global Business Director and General Manager at DuPont, overseeing a leading integrated solution provider of electronic materials for advanced interconnects in flexible and rigid circuit boards, with an annual revenue of $600 million.

Andy commenced his 25-year career in 1997 as a Research Engineer in DuPont™ Cyrel® Packaging Graphics business. His unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions became apparent when he co-invented and launched Cyrel® FAST, a groundbreaking solvent-free flexographic platemaking system in 2003. This pioneering innovation exemplified his dedication to reducing environmental impact while propelling technological progress in the package printing industry.

Andy expressed his enthusiasm upon joining Cyklos Materials, stating, "The purpose of Cyklos Materials, which is to establish biorenewable circularity in the realm of plastics, resonates deeply with my personal values. I am thrilled to collaborate with the visionary and dynamic co-founders, Brett Helms, Corinne Scown, and Jay Keasling, as we assemble an exceptional team and forge strategic partnerships that will facilitate the introduction of more sustainable products to the market, leveraging the remarkable attributes of PDK bio-plastics."

"The world requires a diverse array of materials and technologies to fulfill our sustainable development objectives," emphasized Andy. "Cyklos Materials adopts a forward-thinking approach and recognizes the importance of collaborating with customers and partners throughout the value chain to eliminate waste and ensure that future generations of plastics are derived from biorenewable resources instead of petrochemicals and recirculated within manufacturing systems with low intensity."

Andy's extensive experience and leadership abilities will play an indispensable role in Cyklos' growth trajectory and unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. His appointment underscores the company's resolute dedication to delivering cutting-edge, sustainable materials to markets that urgently demand circularity, and where the ecosystem is receptive to innovative solutions and collaborative ventures.

"I feel profoundly honored to assume the roles of CEO and Co-Founder at Cyklos," stated Andy Kannurpatti. "The team's dedication to creating circular plastics is truly inspiring, and I am exhilarated to lead our collective endeavors in realizing our ambitious goals. Together, we will propel the transition toward a more sustainable future, leaving a positive and lasting imprint on the world."

Cyklos believes that under the leadership of Andy Kannurpatti, the company will spearhead a revolution in the plastics industry, foster sustainability, and forge a positive environmental legacy that transcends generations.

About Cyklos Materials

Cyklos Materials, Inc. is an innovative deep-tech company, driven by a strong commitment to materials innovation, stewardship, and justice. Specializing in the production of high-performance plastics for durable goods, Cyklos not only excels in quality but also champions the principles of a circular economy and actively contributes to positive environmental outcomes. The origin story of Cyklos Materials lies in groundbreaking research conducted at the Joint BioEnergy Institute and the Molecular Foundry, both affiliated with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. With a steadfast focus on its mission, Cyklos maintains close collaborations with industry leaders through its association with the World Materials Forum. By embracing forward-thinking and purpose-driven approaches, Cyklos aims to reduce the accumulation of plastic waste in landfills and oceans. Through innovative business models and transformative materials, Cyklos strives to make a tangible impact on the global plastic waste crisis.

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Brett Helms, Ph.D.


Cyklos Materials, Inc.

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